2016 was a record year for motorhomes and campervans

Last year was a fantastic one for motorhomes and campervans. According to the latest data from National Caravan Council (NCC) 12,332 vehicles were registered in the UK in 2016. This is a record number for sales and showed a 16.6% increase year on year with 2015 seeing 10,572 registrations.

The previous record for motorhomes and campervans registered in a single year was in 2007 and saw 11,646. This was the peak and came at the start of the global financial crisis. The reason so many people choose vehicles is because they opted for holidays in the UK rather than venturing overseas. This option is still very popular and people love having a vehicle they can call on for short breaks away at short notice.

The record 2016 came after several years of growth. In 2012 the number hit its lowest point, with fewer than 7,000 registrations. Since then there has been rise after rise, encouraged by an expanding range of vehicles. The start of 2017 is already promising to be another good year ahead of the release of the 2018 models.

Alongside sales motorhome hire has also continued to increase in popularity. It is a great option for people who don’t possess their own vehicle and who want to try one out before investing. There are providers all across the UK offering rentals of various sizes. These can cater for a wide variety of needs, including groups of different sizes and specific itineraries. Whether you are planning to travel in the UK or abroad, you can find a great vehicle.

At Motorhome Hire we work hard to help clients find the right vehicle for their needs. We work with providers based all over the UK and in countries around the world, promoting their vehicles and helping people to find the best deals. It is as easy as entering a few details on our search tool and browsing the results.

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