A very popular region of France for motorhome enthusiasts

France is a very popular destination amongst British motorhome enthusiasts. It is after-all just a ferry ride away and is an incredibly diverse country with a multitude of culture and history to enjoy. There are plenty of different settings on offer too, from sunny beaches to big cities and alpine villages. Whatever your idea of a fun filled holiday you can find it here.

If you choose motorhome hire or possess your own vehicle you have the chance to travel and see even more of France. After the ferry ride you can get right on with travelling or can choose a nearby camping site to get settled before setting off further afield. Both options are good and it all depends on how adventurous and prepared you are.

One thing to keep in mind is that attitudes towards wild camping are more relaxed in France. You can decide to stop in a wide array of destinations to overnight and it is completely free. A good tip is to look out for other motorhomes to find the best spots, especially if you are travelling in popular tourist destinations.

La Rochelle is a fantastic destination with a lot of history. It has played a crucial role in fishing and trade since the 12th century. Today though, it has a very arty culture. Walk around the docks and you’ll find all kinds of galleries and graffiti artwork on walls. The nightlife in the city is fantastic and it’s definitely worth staying for one or two nights to experience it.

Atlantique Parc is a good place to stop and unwind. The camping site has some incredible facilities, including a 5,000 square metre man-made lagoon. It is perfect for swimming and relaxation. Zoo La Palmyre is a great local attraction set in a pine forest. Additionally there are stunning beaches too. Rochefort, famous for its cheeses, is a short distance north and La Rochelle is around 80km away.

This whole region of France is great for motorhomes, particularly with the great climate and multitude of attractions. It is definitely worth doing some research and looking into the attractions on offer; we are confident you’ll be drawn to the area.

At Motorhome Hire we provide flexible services to help people book the perfect motorhomes. We work with companies based across the country. With our help you can arrange to collect a vehicle in Nantes, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and several other locations. Alternatively you can hire one in the UK, take a ferry, and drive yourself the whole way.