Advice for motorhome owners thinking of visiting Spain

Spain is a beautiful country welcoming a huge number of guests every single year. It has beautiful weather, diverse cuisine and countless amazing attractions to take in, including many high profile sporting events and music festivals. Visitors could take a trip to the Nou Camp in Barcelona or Bernabeu in Madrid if they want to see a footballing spectacle. Benicassim Festival is held in July and gives visitors the chance to see some of the largest bands in the world.

If you want to have a really memorable trip to Spain, you should try hiring a motorhome and exploring. Many visitors will choose a city break and stay largely in a single area for the duration of their holiday but this limits the number of attractions you can see. By travelling you can explore as much as you want and see much more of the country including things that many tourists will miss out on. The trip will let you see the real culture of Spain.

The best time for motorhome enthusiasts to visit Spain is the late autumn and early winter. The weather will still be good at this time of the year and roads should be much quieter than they are in the height of summer. When driving on Spanish roads you need to take care when you leave built up areas because the widths can differ greatly. Rural roads can get a little tricky at times but with less traffic you should avoid many problems.

Camping and caravanning is very popular in Spain and there are numerous sites to choose from all across the country. There are even several options where you can stay on or within steps of a beach. If you opt for an official site you should have all the amenities you need and shouldn’t have to worry much about security. Unofficial sites are slightly riskier but you should always leave valuables hidden or locked away anyway.

People from all across Europe choose Spain for their camping trips, giving the whole experience a multicultural feel. You’ll have many opportunities to meet new people and make new friends when you choose to hire a motorhome. Make sure you’re prepared for all of the different languages you’ll hear.

Opting for motorhome hire rather than staying in hotels will give you more freedom to travel and do whatever you want on your holiday. What could be more liberating or convenient than taking your accommodation everywhere with you?