An Italian paradise for nature lovers

Milano Marittima is a beautiful seaside resort in Cervia, Italy situated on the stunning Adriatic coast. The destination is very popular with tourists, particularly those who love the outdoors. There are many beaches, several Regional Parks and the wonderfully diverse landscape of the Emilia Romagna mountains further inland to enjoy.

The development of tourism in Cervia began in the last few decades of the 19th Century. Initial plans to create a resort in the town came to light as early as 1907 with the idea to create villas, gardens and parks to attract visitors. This would be known as Milano Marittima.

The urban development was an incredibly ambitious project and work on it continued throughout the first decades of the 20th century. Tourism became more intense in the 30s and following WWII the resort became one of the most favoured seaside destinations in Italy.

The downside of Milano Marittima and the Emilia Romagna area as a whole is that the season is very short. The majorimay 4 imagety of the activity occurs in July and August, with many establishments not even opening until the middle of May and shutting by mid September. However, there are many attractions for visitors to enjoy in the region all year round.

This part of Italy has everything visitors could want. If history is your passion, there are over 300 castles and other monuments of the past to be found across the area. There are a huge range of delicious food options to take in, including fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood in abundance along the coast. The region has a number of vineyards too because of the fantastic climate location close to the coast.

The amazing landscape in the Romagna region makes it very attractive to motorhome enthusiasts and campers. There are a number of stunning sights to choose from, including award winning ones like Camping Marecchia. This lovely site is just an hour and a half from Milano Marittima. Alternatively you can stay surrounded by pine just a short distance from the beach at Marina di Ravenna. This is another award winning site and is around 30 minutes drive from the resort.

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