Are motorhome holidays becoming more popular in the UK?

More and more British families are starting to look closer to home for holidays rather than opting for standard package deals overseas. The trend is an intriguing one and is seeing more people opt for motorhome trips around Scotland and the UK rather than a cheap flight and hotel stay. This type of trip offers many advantages, including giving people the freedom to pack what they want and travel where they want. On the way they can stop and see as many sights as they wish – and all of this without needing to go through a long journey if you don’t want to.

The biggest benefit of a motorhome trip in Britain is you avoid the whole airport experience. There will be no security scanners, no need to check in, no waiting to board or for baggage afterwards. All you do is pack, collect your vehicle and you are ready to go wherever you want. Some motorhome hire companies even allow you to take pets with you so you don’t need to worry about leaving them in a kennel or with someone.

A motorhome trip in the UK also gives travellers the chance to save a great deal of money because they won’t need to pay for accommodation anywhere they go. The biggest expense will either be vehicle hire, fuel (depending on how far you travel) or the campsite costs (depending on where you stay and for how long). You can save on food and drink costs by taking it with you. The UK is also full of free attractions to take in if you are on a budget.

One of the easiest ways to save money on your trip is to go at the right time of year. The summer holidays is the peak season and the time when you’ll see the highest number of motorhomes and caravans on the road in the UK. If you travel a little bit earlier or later in the year you can still enjoy great weather and save in the process. On top of this it will be less congested at campsites and on roads if you go during the off-season.

Another great tip is to choose where you refuel carefully. Motorway petrol stations and independent garages typically have the highest prices because there is limited choice. You can save by choosing supermarket petrol stations instead as they usually charge less.

You can also save by shopping around and choosing the right deal for the vehicle. There are many different companies in the UK offering motorhome hire so you can browse and see who will offer you the best value for money. You can do this easily on our website with our handy search tool. You can compare prices, vehicle specifications and other things with just a few clicks and decide which option is best for you.