Are you prepared to drive a motorhome?

Motorhomes are immensely popular in the US and have become an essential part of the culture there. In the UK they are growing in popularity and enticing many people, including both passionate caravanners and people new to this type of holiday. The reason for this is simple; they offer amazing freedom and allow travellers to take all kinds of home comforts with them.

Before buying or hiring a motorhome you need to ensure you will be licensed to drive it. If you passed your test before January 1st 1997 you will already be entitled to drive larger vehicles up to 7,500kg. The only time you need to worry is when you reach 70. When this happens you may lose your entitlement when you renew your license and need to take a test.

If you passed your driving test after January 1st 1997 you will only be able to drive motorhomes up to 3,500kg with your current license. In order to drive a larger vehicle up you will need to pass an additional test to get the C1 entitlement.

Driving a motorhome is naturally a little harder than a normal vehicle because of the size difference. You’ll need to change your driving style slightly to compensate, particularly when it comes to braking and accelerating. You will need to brake earlier with the additional size and weight. When you get on the power you will need to accelerate and build up speed slower to maintain control.

The most difficult technique when driving a motorhome is cornering. The size of the vehicle makes this trickier and means you need to take a wider line at corners to avoid clipping kerbs. It can also cause trouble at roundabouts; you’ll need to be slow and careful on these to avoid cutting across lanes and endangering other drivers.

Before driving your motorhome you should also check the speed limits. These will not be the same as with cars and you may find you need to stick to much stricter limitations depending on the size of the vehicle. It is important to check these in advance whether you are driving just in the UK or outside of it.

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