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Motorhomes provide comfortable accommodation

Motorhome hire is widely regarded as a means of taking an affordable holiday in virtually any country around the world. As valuable as this is, it is far from the only advantage. While for the most part people tend to focus on the mobility benefits offered by campervans, it is just as important to give consideration to the “home” aspect. For a great many people who have taken a motorhome holiday, the comfort and relaxation are the main reasons they do it again and again. Continue reading “Motorhomes provide comfortable accommodation” »

An Italian paradise for nature lovers

Milano Marittima is a beautiful seaside resort in Cervia, Italy situated on the stunning Adriatic coast. The destination is very popular with tourists, particularly those who love the outdoors. There are many beaches, several Regional Parks and the wonderfully diverse landscape of the Emilia Romagna mountains further inland to enjoy. Continue reading “An Italian paradise for nature lovers” »

Roar with the Lions on their New Zealand tour

June and July 2017 might still seem like a long way away, but those who are planning to follow the British & Irish Lions on tour in New Zealand, now is very much the time to ensure that all arrangements are made and plans are booked. Using our motorhome hire search facility now to secure your campervan for the tour can make you some significant and substantial savings. Continue reading “Roar with the Lions on their New Zealand tour” »

Head to Switzerland’s perfect roads in your motorhome

For many people a summer holiday does not automatically translate to a wish to bask in the sea, sun and sand. Instead, their desire is to take full advantage of the better weather to explore and experience different parts of the world away from the more usual tourist destinations. One of the greatest opportunities to do this is Switzerland, which provides a perfect place to enjoy the full beauty of a motorhome holiday. Continue reading “Head to Switzerland’s perfect roads in your motorhome” »

The sights and sounds of Ibiza

Ibiza is a popular European summer holiday destination every year, not only for its beautiful beaches and stunning scenery but also for its world famous clubbing scene which attracts revellers from all over the world. The excitement is reaching an all time high in 2016 with the news that legendary DJ David Guetta is taking up an extended residency on the island. Continue reading “The sights and sounds of Ibiza” »

Discover Cagliari this summer

By their very nature, it seems that there is always a strong focus on the travel aspect of motorhome holidays. While holidays which feature extensive driving can be both amazing and memorable, it is not the sole appeal or purpose of a motorhome holiday. In some cases people choose these vehicles because they provide flexible and affordable accommodation, rather than because they want to do a lot of travelling on their trip. Cagliari is an excellent example of this approach. Continue reading “Discover Cagliari this summer” »

Find your perfect destination in bonny Scotland

Scotland is a wonderful destination for motorhome holidays because of the diverse landscape, history of the country and sheer number of fantastic attractions to enjoy. You can spend time travelling around and taking in the different sights and sounds, or settle at your favourite site for a longer stay. There are plenty of options to choose from so you can create the perfect trip. Continue reading “Find your perfect destination in bonny Scotland” »

The time is now for the German Clock Route

When people are considering destinations for motorhome hire holidays in Europe, Germany is often at the top of their wishlist. The German love of cars is reflected in well maintained roads, meaning that driving conditions across Germany are arguably finer than anywhere else across the continent. When you add this great driving experience to the incredible scenery which the country offers, it’s clear that Germany has the potential to offer a truly memorable holiday experience. Continue reading “The time is now for the German Clock Route” »