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Take your pet on your motorhome holiday

Motorhome holidays are very popular with dog owners because they provide them with the opportunity to take their four-legged friends along on the trip. Dogs can share in many of the activities you’ll be doing on your motorhome holiday, accompanying you as you stop to see the sights and enjoy walks in new landscapes. You can make the trip as rewarding for them as it is for you and both enjoy the adventure. Continue reading “Take your pet on your motorhome holiday” »

Our top picks for a great Easter break

As our long Bank Holiday weekend rapidly approaches, many of us will be planning to get away for an Easter break, and motorhome hire makes the perfect choice to get away from it all and spend a few days exploring fascinating new destinations. If you want to really immerse yourself in the festivities of the season, there are many great European locations which are ideal for visiting in your motorhome. Continue reading “Our top picks for a great Easter break” »

Advice for complete motorhome beginners

For countless people in the UK, motorhome hire is the best way to travel, offering the ultimate in freedom, independence and relaxation. However, as with any kind of travel, it can be a little daunting when you first set out on the road in your temporary home. If you’re a complete beginner to the world of motorhome travel, we hope these tips will help you to have an enjoyable and relaxing break that’s memorable for all the right reasons. Continue reading “Advice for complete motorhome beginners” »

Take your motorhome on a business trip

With modern technology such as video conferencing, we are more connected than ever before in our working lives. However, when it comes to certain meetings, networking opportunities and events, you need to be present in person and travel simply can’t be avoided. If you regularly travel for business, you’ll know how stressful and tiring it can be. Continue reading “Take your motorhome on a business trip” »

Visit the heart of the Californian coastline

The USA remains as one of the most popular places in the world to take a motorhome or camper van holiday. For many people the vast, large and expansive landscapes of America are best experienced from the viewpoint of the legendary roads and highways which cross the nation. The Big Sur area of California is frequently rated as one of the best places to take a classic road trip. Continue reading “Visit the heart of the Californian coastline” »

Scotland’s National Parks have something for everyone

If you’re a lover of motorhome holidays, Scotland offers endless opportunities for travel and exploration. Rich in natural beauty and filled with vibrant cultural attractions and buzzing cities, Scotland continues to attract tourists from all over the world. Scotland currently has two National Parks which offer some of the most outstanding landscapes in the country, and as commercial and residential developments are restricted here, visitors can enjoy huge expanses of unspoiled landscape. Continue reading “Scotland’s National Parks have something for everyone” »

Reflect and relax on a solo trip

We’ve previously written about how motorhome hire is a great way to enjoy a social holiday and spend quality time with family and friends, but it can also be a brilliant option for those who want to enjoy some peace and solitude by travelling solo. The inherent independence and freedom of driving a motorhome is bound to appeal to people who enjoy travelling alone, so if you’re planning a trip this year, a motorhome could be your ideal choice. Continue reading “Reflect and relax on a solo trip” »

Which motorhome is right for you?

Motorhomes attract people for a number of reasons. It could be the convenience they offer, the freedom to enjoy the roads or the ability to ensure you have accommodation with you wherever you go. Some people use them for relaxing trips where they can tour an area and see all the sights it has to offer. Others have a more active plan and take bicycles, sporting equipment and even canoes with them. This shows just how diverse a motorhome holiday can be. Continue reading “Which motorhome is right for you?” »