British Columbia: a paradise for motorhomes

British Columbia is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and is a popular destination for motorhome holidays. The Canadian roads are much wider than in the UK, allowing for the larger vehicles that use them. Motorhomes come and go often and even the largest ones can turn with minimal trouble because of the extra space.

There are countless great roads to enjoy, with mountainous backdrops and deep forests dotting all of them. Visitors can see all kinds of wildlife, even the occasional bear crossing the roads if they are lucky. The setting is truly beautiful and there are many quaint, picturesque towns and villages throughout the region to stop at.

The town of Hope is a popular stopping point, particularly with film lovers. It is famous for being the shooting location for a number of movies, including First Blood (the first Rambo film) in 1982, Shoot to Kill in 1988 (starring Sidney Poitier) and The Pledge in 2001 (with its star filled cast featuring Jack Nicholson, Aaron Eckhart and Helen Mirren).August 4

During your trip you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy cycling trails through the forest and hiking if you want to explore. There are plenty of different trails to choose from, including both family friendly and challenging ones. At Echo Valley Ranch you can even go zip-lining through the trees if you want to try something really exhilarating.

British Columbia is a fantastic destination for motorhome (or RV) enthusiasts. There are a number of RV parks and campsites across the region to stay at overnight so you can plan the perfect trip. Whether you just want a few days, two weeks, or even longer there is no end to the attractions you can enjoy here.

If you are planning this kind of holiday you should arrange for a vehicle in advance. RVs are popular in North America and are an integral part of the culture. This means there are countless companies offering motorhome hire. You can choose from a wide array of different vehicles, from small two berth models to huge ones with sleeping space for six adults.

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