British & Irish Lions Tour 2013, Get All The Info Here

The British & Irish Lions have embarked on an international tour every four years since 1910, and over the years the tours have grown to become one of the foremost events in any UK rugby fan’s calendar. The team’s tours of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa regularly attract thousands of devoted and enthusiastic fans who travel abroad to support them.

Now, in 2013, Australia is welcoming the Lions again. As each of these three countries is visited alternately, an Australian tour only happens once every 12 years. If you’re a Lions fan, don’t miss this chance to see your team playing in one of the most beautiful and unique countries on Earth.

Australia offers an amazing experience for rugby fans. On this latest tour the Lions will be participating in nine separate matches in six Australian cities. This tour promises to be a truly riveting one and when you hire a motorhome you can immerse yourself in rugby, catching every thrilling moment as the Lions compete for the title. The atmosphere and feeling of standing side by side with your fellow supporters will be unbeatable.

Many thousands of Lions supporters will be venturing Down Under for this tour which means you’ll have difficulty finding available hotel rooms. Many hotels and guesthouses will already be booked solid. But don’t worry. There is a way you can support the Lions on their latest tour while still enjoying cost effective accommodation. motorhome hire is the solution.

By hiring a motorhome you will ensure that you always have a place to stay while you enjoy this major sporting event. There are plenty of luxurious, comfortable and well-equipped vehicles available for hire so you will enjoy total relaxation, combined with the freedom to drive and explore. In a country as varied as Australia, a motorhome is the ultimate way to travel because you can see everything at your own pace.

By travelling in your very own motorhome you can travel between the six chosen cities with ease and see every single match so you don’t have to miss a thing. Not only will you be in rugby heaven on the tour, you can use your motorhome to uncover the treasures of Australia between matches.

Unlike those people who are staying in hotels, you will not be tied down to one location and will be free to roam anywhere you want to. Cosmopolitan cities like Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, and stunning national icons like Ayers Rock and the Great Barrier Reef, will make your experience totally unforgettable. You will also find plenty of opportunities to socialise with other rugby fans when you are travelling by motorhome.

You are certain to create amazing memories and enjoy world-class sport when you decide to travel by motorhome for the Lions tour. Make sure to book your motorhome as soon as possible so you know you’re getting the best possible vehicle to set off on your Australian adventure and witness some of the world’s finest rugby players at the top of their game.