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Motorhome hire in Europe is economically and culturally satisfying

If you are planning to take a road trip somewhere abroad, choosing motorhome hire is most definitely the best means by which to do it. On tips such as these, no longer are you confined to the limits of public transport and, by extension, the destinations to which you can travel. With our help, you’ll soon be out on the open road enjoying everything that the world has to offer. Continue reading “Motorhome hire in Europe is economically and culturally satisfying” »

Iceland’s unmissable destinations

Travelling the world in a motorhome is an experience that everybody should try. To help everyone in getting started, our website offers simple to use booking tools, which allow you to choose the country, date, pick up and drop off times that best suit your schedule. These kinds of holidays need to be experienced at least once and we are determined to get you on the road with our motorhome hire services. Continue reading “Iceland’s unmissable destinations” »

Discover Cagliari this summer

By their very nature, it seems that there is always a strong focus on the travel aspect of motorhome holidays. While holidays which feature extensive driving can be both amazing and memorable, it is not the sole appeal or purpose of a motorhome holiday. In some cases people choose these vehicles because they provide flexible and affordable accommodation, rather than because they want to do a lot of travelling on their trip. Cagliari is an excellent example of this approach. Continue reading “Discover Cagliari this summer” »

The Middle Valley Rhine offers a magical route for tourists

Germany often tops the list for European motorhome destinations due to its incredible scenic locations and attractions. The River Rhine is a big draw for driving tourists and motorhome holidaymakers. Stretching to a staggering 820 miles, the Rhine is the longest and busiest river in Germany. It flows north and east from the Rheinwaldhorn Glacier in the Swiss Alps to the North Sea. Continue reading “The Middle Valley Rhine offers a magical route for tourists” »

Winterise your motorhome for the colder climate

Just because the cold weather is on its way, there is absolutely no reason you cannot continue to enjoy winter motorhome travel. Many motorhome lovers take a trek to foreign ski slopes or choose to camp in one of the many picturesque locations across the UK. By taking a few simple steps to keep your motorhome warm, you can enjoy a fantastic trip in maximum comfort. Continue reading “Winterise your motorhome for the colder climate” »

Exploring France’s Mediterranean coast

The Languedoc-Roussillon region of France has a stretch of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. The area is a popular tourist destination because it has a stunning landscape and a fantastic climate. In fact the weather in the region is so good the area is world famous for producing wine and is home to an incredible 740,000 plus acres of vines. Continue reading “Exploring France’s Mediterranean coast” »

Hiring a motorhome in California

Motorhomes (aka RVs or recreational vehicles) are much more common in the US than they are in Britain. Camping and spending time in the great outdoors is a bigger part of the culture there than it is in the UK, so there is far more choice if you are looking at this kind of holiday. The US is also much better equipped for vehicles of this size, both in terms of roads and campsites. Continue reading “Hiring a motorhome in California” »