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Could this be the UK’s first motorhome?

Motorhomes have really taken off in the UK over the last few decades and you can now see more and more of them on the roads. Surprisingly though it is thought the very first incarnation of a motorhome arrived in the UK in 1935. Perhaps even more surprisingly is the fact that this 80 plus year old vehicle still exists and is wonderfully preserved. Continue reading “Could this be the UK’s first motorhome?” »

The sights and sounds of Ibiza

Ibiza is a popular European summer holiday destination every year, not only for its beautiful beaches and stunning scenery but also for its world famous clubbing scene which attracts revellers from all over the world. The excitement is reaching an all time high in 2016 with the news that legendary DJ David Guetta is taking up an extended residency on the island. Continue reading “The sights and sounds of Ibiza” »

The social side of motorhome holidays

A motorhome holiday offers all kinds of fantastic rewards and can provide some truly memorable experiences. This type of trip will give you unparalleled freedom because you’ll be able to travel where you want, stop anywhere you feel like and explore to your heart’s content. To add to this, you can take all of the comforts of home with you so you have everything you need. Continue reading “The social side of motorhome holidays” »

Top safety tips for the new motorhome driver

The colder climate does nothing to deter seasoned motorhome travellers from setting off on the road for a fantastic holiday. Come rain, snow or shine, motorhome fans will not usually let the weather prevent them from enjoying another exciting road trip. If you are new to motorhome travel and about to set off on your first adventure, we have put together a few helpful hints to ensure you enjoy a safe and stress free trip. Continue reading “Top safety tips for the new motorhome driver” »

Are you prepared to drive a motorhome?

Motorhomes are immensely popular in the US and have become an essential part of the culture there. In the UK they are growing in popularity and enticing many people, including both passionate caravanners and people new to this type of holiday. The reason for this is simple; they offer amazing freedom and allow travellers to take all kinds of home comforts with them. Continue reading “Are you prepared to drive a motorhome?” »

Welsh families find motorhome and caravan trips rewarding

Earlier this year, motorhome and caravan holidays were voted as the most rewarding by families in Wales. Comfort-Insurance conducted a survey into the matter, asking 2,000 people what type of holiday they would choose and the reasons for it. The findings are impressive and show that many people are choosing motorhomes or caravans over package holidays. Continue reading “Welsh families find motorhome and caravan trips rewarding” »

Enjoy a completely self sufficient holiday

The biggest attraction of a motorhome holiday has to be the fact that you can be almost completely self-sufficient throughout your trip. If the vehicle is equipped with kitchen and bathroom facilities, you are free to keep exploring until you need to stop to restock on fuel, food and other supplies. This means you can chase the sun for as long as you want and see all kinds of great sights along the way. Continue reading “Enjoy a completely self sufficient holiday” »