Checking legal requirements for overseas motorhome hire

We represent a wide range of motorhome hire options which serve to make holidays around the world more accessible and affordable. Making use of one of these vehicles lets holidaymakers from the UK combine travel and accommodation into one – dramatically reducing the cost of visiting another country.

It is, to be perfectly honest about it, quite normal to worry or wonder if there’s any sort of catch to this benefit. One of the biggest questions people ask in this respect about taking a motorhome holiday abroad is about how they can make sure they are legally allowed to drive in the country being visited.

This is a very fair and valid question. It is also one that has a great answer for UK driving licence holders. A little known fact is that more countries around the world accept the UK driving licence as valid for their territory than any other form of issue.

What this means on a practical level is that if you’re going on a motorhome holiday to a destination within the EU then you only need take your valid UK driving licence with you to be permitted to drive.

The best advice for those looking to take a motorhome on holiday outside of the EU is to contact an organisation such as the AA or the RAC. They will be in the best position to inform you of the very latest regulations and requirements for UK drivers in specific countries.

A general guide, however, is that usually an official international driving permit is required. You can obtain one from the Post Office as well as from either the AA or the RAC, with the fee at present being £5.50.

An international driving permit is normally valid for a 12 month period from the date of issue. We would always recommend that, if you are going to require one for your holiday when you choose motorhome hire, you ensure that you obtain it as soon as possible, but also so that the dates you are travelling are safely covered.