Complete the world’s longest golf course in a motorhome

As winter makes its way across the Northern Hemisphere, many of us are looking south of the Equator for a bit of sun. Australia is a popular choice for many, particularly for the unique experiences it offers. One of these is the Nullabor Links, the longest golf course in the world.

While the holes on the course are of conventional length and par, it’s the way they’re spread which makes the Nullabor Links the longest in the world. The course is close to 850 miles long, stretching from the middle of Western Australia through to the west coast peninsula in South Australia. Although there’s no set limit, it’s usual for golfers to take approximately a week to travel and play the course. As well as the pride and satisfaction of being able to say you played the longest golf course in the world, taking on the Nullabor Links is an amazing way to see a side to Australia different from the usual tourist destinations.

The course has been running for just over five years now and has grown in popularity. One of the biggest obstacles to golfers from around the world travelling there is the cost. Flights to Australia are not generally cheap in themselves, and the costs of travel and accommodation along the course can be prohibitive. Our motorhome hire service provides an ideal way to bring the costs of travel and accommodation down to affordable levels.

Motorhome hire makes travelling to Australia to complete the Nullabor Links affordable, particularly when there’s two or more of you going to do it. The combined advantage of transport and accommodation is beneficial in itself, but the cost saving benefits make it the first and foremost choice.

One of the primary ambitions of the founders of the Nullabor Links was that people should play and complete the course in a leisurely, relaxed and enjoyable way. You can’t really do that if you’re worried about catching buses, planes or trains or if you need to make hotel check in and check out times. This is all the more reason to select motorhome hire as the way you’re going to move about and stay in between holes.

Many consider going and completing the Nullabor Links is a once-in-a-lifetime dream for passionate golfers. We wouldn’t argue with that, but we do believe that if you hire a motorhome to use as you do the course, you may well find that it is affordable enough to one day go and do it again.