Discover Cagliari this summer

By their very nature, it seems that there is always a strong focus on the travel aspect of motorhome holidays. While holidays which feature extensive driving can be both amazing and memorable, it is not the sole appeal or purpose of a motorhome holiday. In some cases people choose these vehicles because they provide flexible and affordable accommodation, rather than because they want to do a lot of travelling on their trip. Cagliari is an excellent example of this approach.

For anyone with a love of European history, or a wish to see some of the most iconic sights the continent has to offer, Cagliari is likely to be a must-visit place. The Sardinian capital has survived through seven different civilisations, and elements and artifacts recording some five thousand years of human history can be found across the city. When this is considered with the more modern aspects, such as the beautiful beaches and unique cuisine, it is little wonder that Cagliari is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Italy.

The majority of attractions in Cagliari would be better experienced on foot than by road. This does not mean, however, that a motorhome hire holiday should not be considered. As you might expect from a place so popular, one of the few downsides of Cagliari is the high cost of hotels and accommodation. With a four adult sleeper camper van costing less than £800 to hire for a week in July, our services offer a very affordable way to stay in this magnificent city.

Holidaymakers in motorhomes are made particularly welcome around Cagliari. There are several campsites and motorhome parking areas set up across and around the city. Many people find that staying in these sites and meeting fellow holidaymakers from throughout Europe makes the experience all the more memorable.April 4 image

Making your dream of a Cagliari holiday come true is possible with motorhome hire. Our services make the holiday far more affordable, and present you with the freedom to visit the parts of the region you want to see. With collection and drop off points available both in the city and directly at Cagliari airport, our motorhome hire service is made all the more convenient for you.