Embark on a South American adventure

Camping, caravan and motorhome holidays are very popular in Europe and North America but there are other parts of the world you can visit for a great trip. South America is particularly popular because of the amazing diversity of the cultures and the beautiful landscapes. Whether you want to travel for a week, a month or even longer you’ll be spoilt for choice on this incredible continent.

When deciding what country or countries to visit you should do some research so you know what conditions to expect. The state of the roads will differ greatly so it is wise to check before you plan your trip. You should also look at how easy or difficult it will be to arrange motorhome hire if you need to.

february 3 imageEcuador should be right at the top of your list of countries to see, especially if you are a nature lover. There are 11 national parks in the country, 9 ecological reserves and 10 wildlife refuges. There is such a wealth of natural attractions to enjoy you could spend a very long time staying in Ecuador and still have new things to see and do. There are plenty of campsites to choose from and the main roads in the country are also excellent quality.

Argentina is another great destination if you want to be spoilt for choice when it comes to campsites. There are hundreds of private ones to choose from and most towns will also have a municipal site too. The sites are a major part of local culture and you can even see visitors arrive just for the day so they can spend time with families and cook outdoors. It is even possible to sleep in a motorhome or caravan at petrol stations.

Brazil is well equipped for motorhome drivers. There are many great campsites to choose from, including a number right on the beach. The sites can become very busy during peak seasons so you need to book in advance if you are planning a trip during January or February. Petrol stations in the country also give visitors a place to stop. Many of them have showers and restaurants.