Enjoy a completely self sufficient holiday

The biggest attraction of a motorhome holiday has to be the fact that you can be almost completely self-sufficient throughout your trip. If the vehicle is equipped with kitchen and bathroom facilities, you are free to keep exploring until you need to stop to restock on fuel, food and other supplies. This means you can chase the sun for as long as you want and see all kinds of great sights along the way.

Before setting off, it is a good idea to plan ahead and decide what you need to take with you. Luckily motorhomes generally have a lot of space so you’ll be able to take clothes for all weathers and several changes of footwear. Many people choose to take bikes and games with them, especially if they are travelling with children as they help to keep people entertained.

Deciding what food to take should be near the top of your list. The fact that you can do the shopping early means you can plan ahead and don’t need to worry about finding a shop shortly after you leave. You can take all kinds of different foods with you, including perishables if you have a fridge or cooler. Whatever you take make sure you remember to store it properly and plan at least a few meals before you need to restock.

To make your trip as comfortable as possible you should be looking to stay at proper campsites every few days or so. These will give you the chance to recharge the batteries in your motorhome, top up the water and empty the waste and rubbish. On top of this you’ll be able to relax yourselves and unwind after the driving.

If you are travelling during the peak summer season or a school holiday you should ensure you book campsites in advance wherever possible. This is important or you could arrive and find there is no space. To avoid disappointment book in advance but make sure you keep on top of the bookings, including taking notes of any cancellation fees you may need to pay if the need arises.

This kind of trip is growing in popularity in the UK and Europe, following the trend set in the US. As a result there are now a lot of companies offering motorhome hire services to cater for all kinds of trips. If you need to hire a vehicle you can find great deals on our website.