Enjoy free parking as you explore Europe in your motorhome

European motorhome holidays are proving more popular year after year. They allow you to hit the open road and offer the luxury of picking and choosing your holiday destinations.

As fantastic as motorhome travel is, it can work out expensive if you are trying to fit in a large number of different destinations and staying at several campsites throughout your trip. Many seasoned motorhome travellers find it beneficial to combine overnight campsite stays with alternative free facilities. This offers you the best of both worlds without taking too much of a big bite out of your budget.

European motorhome travel enables the exploration of incredible locations that are steeped in rich history and culture and offer a world of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Here we have gathered together a few places that can offer you a fantastic and cost-effective European holiday outside the campsite. In the majority of locations, there are basic guidelines to follow to ensure you respect the local populace and do not break any laws. It is wise to follow the lead of others, but if you are unsure you can always check with the local tourist information office.

Hochosterwitz Castle is considered to be one of the most impressive medieval castles in Austria. It is a magical structure, wrapped around a huge rock that rises above stunning countryside. Its nocturnal silence offers the perfect place to sleep amongst a small set of trees at the foot of the castle rock. It offers a wonderful free overnight stay with a reasonable entrance fee to the castles. If you are considering visiting Austria, it is legal to stay for free in all car parks outside the Vienna and Tyrol regions.

Belgium offers free motorhome stays at The Barrage de la Gileppe dam. It is located in the Hautes Fagnes National Park close to the German border. It offers immaculate surroundings and unlimited and free motorhome parking. Enveloped by a forest it offers walks, mountain bike tracks and a comfortable and relaxed place to park up and sleep.

Monbazillac is a French village set amongst vineyards. The semi-retired motorhome owner has dedicated a grassy camping area at the top of his vines and he provides all facilities for free excluding electricity. He also offers wine tasting with no obligation to buy. France is by far the easiest country to visit for a fantastic motorhome holiday if you are looking to travel on a budget. Monbazillac is just one of the locations involved in the France Passion Scheme that offers warm and welcoming free parking for motorhome holiday makers. In total, 1,850 farmers and tradesmen and women are opening up their grounds in an attempt to connect motorhome enthusiasts with the rural world. If you are interested in European travel that will not break the bank, you can use our simple motorhome hire booking facility and begin your adventure.