Enjoy Glastonbury from the comfort of your motorhome

Glastonbury festival is now firmly rooted in British culture. Mud stained boots and washed out gigs are part and parcel of the event, but there are ways to enjoy the festival in its entirety without sleeping on the ground and braving the terror of the dreaded portaloos.

When you make the decision to visit Glastonbury in your motorhome, you will not regret it. The combination of a comfortable bed, flushing toilet, hot running water and a cold refrigerator is proving to be extremely appealing to more people every year.

When you hire your motorhome you guarantee yourself a fantastic weekend at the legendary festival. You can enjoy the bands and events without the misery of the mud. Glastonbury has dedicated campervan sites that are located to the East of the site on the blue route along the A37. They open the day before general camping and allow you plenty of time to park up and settle in.

You can set up your own awnings directly outside your motorhome so you can soak up the sunshine and relax in-between gigs and walkabouts. They let you stay close to your amenities and make it easy to socialise with your fellow festival goers.

Going to Glastonbury in a motorhome means you can enjoy everything about the festival you love as well as indulge in your favourite home comforts. You can fill your motorhome with your favourite food and drinks and bring as many changes of clothing as you need. When you do get caught in the rain you can retreat back and enjoy a hot shower and just throw on a fresh outfit.

Due to the fact that there is no electricity supplied you will need to use a leisure battery. Solar trickle chargers are a fantastic and environmentally friendly way of topping up your power and it is prudent to make sure you have sufficient fuel before you enter the site so you can keep your engine running to recharge your battery. Your motorhome allows you to carry all the necessary equipment for the festival such as gas canisters, water roller barrels and toiletries.

Travelling to the festival in a motorhome also offers you greater security. Traditional camping methods naturally expose you to thieves and opportunists but with your motorhome you are able to bring expensive items such as cameras, phones and digital devices and leave them locked inside with the peace of mind that they are completely secure.