Enjoying the natural environment

Motorhomes are growing in popularity in the UK and are appealing to a much wider demographic than ever before. They are popular with young families, retirees and all age groups in between. People choose them for the freedom they offer and as an upgrade on both tents and towing caravans. The advantages of a motorhome are clear to see and continue to attract all ages, whether they choose to purchase their own vehicle or opt for hiring.

A motorhome means you can freely explore the UK and Europe because you’ll always have your accommodation and essential facilities with you. There are a huge number of fantastic places to explore, whether you want to stay closer to home or choose to get on a ferry with your vehicle and travel further afield. You can even take the opportunity to chase the good weather if you want.

If you do stay in the UK there are two incredible sites in north Norfolk that shouldn’t be missed. Kelling Heath Holiday Park is based in the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and surrounds visitors with beautiful woodland and heaths. Woodhill Park is in East Runton and offers expansive cliff top views. Both parks are very popular and welcome motorhome drivers.

If you are passionate about the environment both sites may pique your interest. They each received the top environmental awards this year when they were given Gold status as part of the David Bellamy Conservation Awards. Kelling Heath has enjoyed this recognition since 1997 and Woodhill Park from 2003. Both continue to make great efforts to protect and preserve the natural environment.

Kelling Heath was praised in particular for its policy of planting native trees when it received the latest award. The site offers a great array of environmentally-themed activities designed to educate children who visit so they understand how important it is to protect the environment. Woodhill Park earned praise for the work they do to make the site accessible to disabled visitors and the development of banks of wildflowers.

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