Explore the Garden Route this winter

With a chill in the air at the moment, many people across the UK are thinking about heading off on holiday towards the end of the year. The lure of summer weather in the Southern Hemisphere becomes more tempting as our days get darker and colder. Of the destinations below the equator, South Africa has always been a popular one. With over half a million British expatriates living there, many of us have family and friends in the country. The exceptional exchange rate and the fact that it is one of the shorter long distance flights in the world (it’s only an hour longer than the flight from London to New York) makes it a highly attractive destination for a winter break.

Many British tourists in South Africa experience the country by touring the Garden Route, which stretches over one thousand miles along the southern coast of the country. The easiest way is to start in Durban and end the trip in Cape Town as there are more direct flights to London from Cape Town, although there is nothing to stop you from taking the tour in the reverse direction. You will have even more freedom and flexibility when you use motorhome hire to tour the Garden Route.

Motorhome hire also gives yousouth-africa-163059_640 the freedom to spend as much time as you want at any of the many sights on the Garden Route. A particular highlight for many is the Addo National Elephant Park, located just outside Port Elizabeth. Here you can experience the beauty and majesty of these much loved animals in the most natural environment possible.

Beyond the elephants, the Garden Route offers an amazing range of experiences, from the world famous ostriches of Oudtshoorn, the natural wonders of the Cango Caves, the breathtaking forest of the Wild Coast and, of course, the renowned wines of Swellendam Wine Region. Using motorhome hire to do the Garden Route allows you to enjoy all of this and more in a relaxed and affordable way.