Exploring the historic wonders of Sussex by motorhome

As previously mentioned in a number of our articles the UK is a fantastic destination for a motorhome holiday for an array of reasons. There are many fantastic areas to choose from, allowing travellers to select one that suits their interests. With the ability to move around and have your accommodation with you at each turn you can see much more of the areas you visit, including lesser known attractions.

If you’re a fan of history Sussex has a huge number of wonderful things to offer. The area has some of the oldest evidence of human habitation in not just the UK, but a lot of Europe too. At the Beedings site near Pulborough tools dating from 35,000 years ago were discovered.

Sussex has also proven to be very rich when it comes to items from the Bronze and Iron Ages. The Devil’s Jumps on the South Downs are the best preserved barrows in the area. They date back between three and four thousand years. Exploration of them in the 19th century found a few contained bones from the period. The site is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and sits on the Local Nature Reserve so it is well protected, preserving the history.

Cissbury Ring has proven to be a very important Iron Age site. The hill fort is the second largest in the UK and dates back to approximately 250 BC. There is a flint mine on the site dating to the Neolithic period. It features many shafts and galleries, showing widespread exploration. On top of this it is believed a mint once existed in the area. Numerous coins have been found across Sussex thought to have originated from it. The site is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The history of the area also takes you through Roman, Saxon and Norman periods. The Roman Palace at Fishbourne is a very important site and is one of the largest palaces to exist to the north of the Alps. Battle Abbey in Hastings sits on the battlefield where the Normans fought and defeated the English in 1066. The high alter is said to sit exactly where Harold Godwinson, the English King, fell in the battle.

Around Sussex there are all manner of wonderful camp sites for visitors to take in on their tour of the historic county. Many of them welcome motorhomes. If you are planning a trip we recommend browsing these and booking a few so you can create your itinerary for your holiday.

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