Exploring the roads of America

The USA is an amazing destination if you want a holiday to remember. There are so many incredible wide open spaces to enjoy and fantastic road trips to take in that you are completely spoilt for choice. In the UK caravan and motorhome drivers are often limited because of spatial limitations on roads and in campsites, but in America this is less problematic, meaning that motorhome trips are an extremely popular form of holiday.

The biggest issue with a motorhome holiday in America is actually deciding which trip you want to take. There are literally thousands of great routes, with beautiful backdrops to enjoy along the way. One thing to keep in mind is how long you want to travel; some people will prioritise the trip over the destination, whereas others are the opposite. There are both short and long trips to choose from, with a great selection in both regards. You’ll need to factor in the hire charge for the vehicle, costs when you stay on sites and any toll charges you may encounter.

The Alaskan Highway is a particularly popular trip because of the amazing background as you drive through British Columbia and other beautiful settings. There are other great routes intersecting the highway too so you can see even more great sites with a few selected detours.

Music lovers are particularly fond of Highway 61, lovingly referred to as The Blues Highway. The route goes from New Orleans to Wyoming in Minnesota, following the trail blazed by African Americans in the Great Migration. The trip touches on many locations synonymous with music including Nashville, Jackson and Memphis on the way and a chance to enjoy sounds from many different genres.

If you’re looking for the ultimate road trip you can try the coast to coast, crossing the entire country in the process. This is a fantastic chance to experience as much of America as possible, including a number of different states and attractions. If you’re feeling adventurous you can do the historical Route 66.

Nature lovers should try the Rocky Mountain Trial, a trip that will take them twenty days to complete including visits to eight National Parks and several lesser known reserves. Throughout the trip you’ll have a beautiful backdrop and get to experience the great American outdoors in all its glory.