Get a great deal on the road to the Rockies

When you mention the Rockies, many people instantly picture the mountains in Colorado, but the USA does not offer the only Rocky Mountain range to see on the continent. The Canadian Rockies offer a breathtaking destination for those who love to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of our planet. To make this experience easy and accessible, we’re currently running a special motorhome hire promotion to make it more affordable.

waterton-lakes-836724_960_720Whether it is to view or scale the incredible peaks, see the source of several major river networks which serve North America, or to appreciate the unique geology of the region, the Canadian Rockies offer a far reaching and fantastic range of experiences. Visiting the mountains only to end up staying in a hotel has never really made a good deal of sense, as it stops you from connecting with the magnificent environment. Using a motorhome gives you the freedom to stay within the area for as long as you wish in considerable comfort.

Many travellers view the province of Alberta as the ideal place to start from when visiting the Canadian Rockies. The airports at Edmonton and Calgary allow for an easy, fairly direct route to the Rockies. Our Canadian motorhome hire is available for both pick up and collection at both of these airports so you can begin your adventure as soon as you touch down on Canadian soil.

While motorhome hire holidays are traditionally cheaper than guest houses and hotels, we’ve teamed up with one of our partners to deliver an even better deal. We are pleased to offer the 50% off unlimited miles deal being offered by CanaDream, the leading RV and motorhome hire company in Canada. This incredible offer is valid on all bookings made before the end of January 2016, and is applicable to all bookings for travel before 31 October 2016.

Canada is a remarkable country that many wish to visit, with the Rockies being just one of several reasons people are drawn to the place. If you are planning on visiting Canada, the CanaDream deal makes it easier than ever before to realise your ambition.