Getting Ready For Glastonbury 2017

Tickets for the 2017 Glastonbury Festival have, as has become the norm for the last decade, sold out in record time. Whilst a high level of demand is in place every year for tickets, this one saw a record number of people try to obtain them.

The above is due to the fact that there will be no festival held in 2018, and the possibility that this shall be the last ever version to be held at Worthy Farm near Pilton. These two factors have served to create an expectation of this being one of the greatest and most remarkable festivals ever to be held.

Having a year without a Glastonbury Festival is not unusual. It would be normal for no event to be organized once every five or six years in order to allow the grounds where it is held to recover. This pause year, however, is going to be used to investigate moving to a new location.

As popular and supportive of the Pilton community as the organisers are, the practicalities of the event are harming the environment. There is also a wish to have it in an area where people going can gain access to the site safer and with greater ease.

Those fortunate enough to have got their hands on booking confirmations for Glastonbury 2017 now need to plan their way and their stay at the festival. Whilst most assume that all attendees camp in tents, using motorhome hire services has increasingly become a very popular choice for festival-goers.

The current site offers outstanding facilities for camper vans and motorhomes, allowing those lucky ones at the festivals to have both an easy way to get there and a comfortable place to stay for the duration.

With over 30 collection and drop off points for the motorhome hire service providers we represent we’ve proudly been the number one choice for Glastonbury attendees over the years. As the 2017 festival promises to be one of the most important ones ever to be held, we know those lucky enough to be part of it are looking for the best means to arrange both getting there and staying. Our service gives you the very best of both.