Have a Canadian adventure

Canada is a fantastic place for a motorhome holiday. The country is so large and diverse that there is something for everybody. Nature lovers are particularly spoiled with many wonders to take in including wildernesses untouched by human hands. There are beaches, wildlife parks, rolling countryside, forests and mountains to enjoy at every point during your trip.

The Lighthouse Route is a particularly popular route which will take you along the Southern coast of Nova Scotia. The trip has a beautiful backdrop with the Atlantic on one side and Alpine forests on the other. During the trip you’ll encounter 40 different lighthouses, each one of them unique. This is where the route gets its name. There are also fishing villages to take in and countless other things including the Kejimkujik National Park.

Canada is perfect for motorhomes with its multitude of camping sites and conscientious drivers. There are so many amazing things to see and do that it would be a shame to spend all of your time in one of the major cities. By travelling around with motorhome hire, you can stop wherever you like and do whatever you please. You’ll be free to travel as far as you want each day so you can set your own schedule. If you find somewhere with lots to do you can always stay a little longer and move on later.

The best campsites are usually in national and provincial parks. Many of these will have hook-ups for water, drainage and electricity so you can get settled easily. Some will have bathroom facilities but they may be dated so you could be better off using the ones in your motorhome. One thing to keep in mind is that Canada is very large and quite remote. You’ll need to stock up on provisions early and purchase them whenever you get a chance to; it’s unlikely there will be restaurants and shops all along your route.

The Canadian weather in summer is quite similar to the UK so you’ll need to bring clothing for all weathers to be safe. There are countless outdoor activities to enjoy ranging from hiking and cycling to kayaking and swimming in the sea. Make sure you have clothes to suit all of the different things you will be doing. One thing you will definitely need to pack is insect repellent; camps attract all kinds of insects so you need something to help you keep them at bay.

If you’re considering motorhome hire in Canada you can browse vehicles and prices via our website. Simply select the destination you’d like to collect the vehicle from, your dates and some other important information and you can have a look at the motorhomes that are available. You can find great discounts with our website and get everything booked in no time. We highly recommend booking campsites in advance too so you can secure your space.