Have An Excellent Adventure At The Air Guitar Championship

It’s quite remarkable how often practical jokes catch on in popularity to the extent that demand for them sees something become real. If you’re currently one of the many who enjoys playing Pokemon Go on your iPhone, then you’re already aware of two examples of this as both the app and the smartphone started off life as April Fool’s pranks. On a similar note, something which started as a joke over two decades ago has now become a well established and very popular tradition – the annual international Air Guitar World Championships.

Playing an air guitar is an activity known and loved by many – if not all – rock music lovers around the world. Imaginary strumming along to the sound of a great record has been something people have done for many years, with the celebrated Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure films putting it into the global mainstream during the early 90s. Eventually the fun to be had with playing air guitar went semi-formal; something that led to the very first Air Guitar World Championship being held in 1996.

The 2016 edition of the Air Guitar World Championship is being held in Oulu, Finland. It’s the 21st time the tournament is being held, with all looking forward to it being even bigger and better than the ones before it. The championship is being held 24 – 26 August, and promises to be a fabulously fun holiday for all those travelling from around the world that goes to watch and participate.

Our motorhome hire services provide you with a great way of getting to and from Oulu, along with providing you with the perfect accommodation. We provide a pick up and drop off point for our motorhomes and campervans in Rovaniemi, which is about 130 miles away from Oulu. This means that you have the freedom to take in some on the amazing sights and sounds which Finland has to offer beyond the fun and the glory of the Air Guitar World Championship.

Finland is renowned for providing a fantastic destination for motorhome holiday enthusiasts. This is all the more the case when a fantastically fun event like the Air Guitar World Championship is underway. We’d like to wish all entrants to the contest the very best of luck, and hope that all who attend the event have a truly excellent time.