Head to Switzerland’s perfect roads in your motorhome

For many people a summer holiday does not automatically translate to a wish to bask in the sea, sun and sand. Instead, their desire is to take full advantage of the better weather to explore and experience different parts of the world away from the more usual tourist destinations. One of the greatest opportunities to do this is Switzerland, which provides a perfect place to enjoy the full beauty of a motorhome holiday.

With Switzerland being landlocked, the country does not attract those seeking to swim in the sea or lay on the sand. The country does, however, offer some of the most magnificent natural beauty our world has to experience. This makes it a fantastic holiday destination, and the superb condition of the roads make driving through the country a sheer pleasure.

May 1 imageWe can help you to find motorhome hire services based at Zurich airport, making it as straightforward as possible for you to come off a flight and get on with your holiday. Once on the road, the choice is yours as to which parts of the country you wish to explore. Of the many options available, two are exceptionally popular, with both providing rich and rewarding experiences. The campsite at the base of the famous Jungfrau Mountain is a very pleasant 90 mile drive south from Zurich Airport, while the beauty of Lake Geneva is a 147 mile drive to the south west. Both of these options give you a thoroughly enjoyable driving route to take to a wonderful holiday destination.

The dynamics of the Swiss summer mean you can enjoy your holiday surrounded by snowcapped mountains while feeling the warmth of the sun through the season. Although Switzerland has long been a popular destination for skiers or snow sport fans, this is not all it has to offer. The art, culture, customs and natural beauty of the nation make it a joy to be in, with the perfection of the driving conditions making a motorhome holiday the finest way to experience it all.