Help & Advice

Before choosing motorhome hire and going off on a road trip, it’s a good idea to plan everything thoroughly and make sure you’re completely prepared so that you can look forward to having the best possible experience.

Whether you’re holidaying in the UK or planning motorhome hire in a foreign destination, planning and preparation can really make or break a holiday and help you to pack everything into the time you have. Here is some information and tips on motorhome hire to help you through it.

  • Make sure to book your motorhome hire vehicle in plenty of time for your trip to avoid disappointment. At peak times especially, it may be difficult to get the vehicle of your choice. Choosing motorhome hire well in advance will ensure that you get the right kind of vehicle and won’t have to adjust your plans. For the same reason, you should book your motorhome hire before you book your flights if you are planning on motorhome hire abroad.
  • Check that the motorhome hire company offers package deals where you can get insurance included in the price of the rental. Insurance is very important in motorhome hire so you don’t have to face huge expenses in the event of an accident.
  • Read all the terms and conditions of the rental very carefully and make sure you know exactly where you stand with your motorhome hire.
  • Check if the motorhome hire vehicle comes with essentials such as kitchen utensils and pans, or if you will need to bring these along yourself.
  • Before setting off on your motorhome hire trip, search the locations of campsites and places in the area where you can park your vehicle and make a note of them. This way, when you use motorhome hire, you can make sure you are always within reach of a safe place to stop for the night.
  • Consider the pick-up and drop-off locations of your motorhome hire company. Will you be able to easily reach the drop-off at the end of your trip without having to go too far out of your way?
  • Thoroughly research the driving laws and rules of the particular country you are planning to visit, including speed limits and drink-driving limits. This is absolutely essential for a safe trip.
  • Ensure that your motorhome hire vehicle has the right kind of facilities to suit you and the people you’re travelling with. For example, if you’re travelling with babies or small children, will your motorhome hire vehicle allow a child seat? Will your motorhome hire vehicle have ample room for everyone to sleep comfortably? By checking this out in advance you can make sure everyone has a safe and comfortable trip with your motorhome hire. You may even wish to look for motorhome hire that is slightly bigger than you need so you can spread out even more.
  • Think carefully about the things you most want to see during your motorhome hire holiday. Consider the distances between each location and how long it will take to drive there. If necessary you may wish to limit your motorhome hire trip to just a few places so you can really explore them rather than spending most of your time driving. You don’t want to be in a rush on your motorhome hire journey so if you have limited time this may be a better route.
  • Plan plenty of activities. If you are travelling with children make sure they have plenty of games to keep them occupied during the long driving sections of the trip and make frequent stops so everyone can have a break.
  • If you’re driving long distance through sparse areas on your motorhome hire trip, make sure you fill up on petrol at every opportunity so you don’t end up stuck in a remote location.
  • Be flexible with your motorhome hire schedule. Give yourself ample time to enjoy the various sights you see along the way and allow plenty of time for rests and unexpected stops. If you’re too rigid with your motorhome hire itinerary you will lose the sense of freedom and exploration that is such a major part benefit of motorhome hire.
  • If you want motorhome hire that is a little cheaper, why not try booking at off-peak times during the winter? Many motorhome hire vehicles have heating so you won’t be cold and you can have a real adventure exploring wintery landscapes and snow in the destination of your choice.
  • Take clothing and items that are easy to fold, pack and store. Large suitcases will get in the way when you’re staying in a motorhome hire vehicle so try packing your things in soft bags instead.