Helpful hints for a hassle free motorhome holiday with the kids

The number of people taking motorhome holidays with their kids is increasing every year. More and more people are looking to enjoy fun filled family trips around the beautiful locations and campsites located in the UK and Europe instead of the traditional beach holiday. A motorhome trip offers kids a fantastic time, but if it is the first time you are heading off with children in tow, it can easily turn into a nightmare holiday. Here are a few tips to ensure a successful motorhome trip for the entire family.

As kids love to be involved, it is a good idea to include them in the planning of the trip. Let them have a say in things such as places to eat and what to pack, and let them choose some of the activities such as cycling and swimming. For your first trip it is wise to choose a campsite that has child friendly facilities such as playgrounds. This will make their first trip even better and help build their enthusiasm for more motorhome holidays in the future.

Let the kids pack one little bag for themselves. They will feel very independent if they can carry their favourite items such as books, magazines, colouring books and mobile devices. Allocate a small area in the motorhome just for them as it will help them feel more at home and encourage them to keep the area tidy.

It is best not to drive longer than five hour periods for your first trip. Kids get bored on long trips, and they will be less likely to complain if they get frequent short breaks, fresh air and the chance to stretch their legs. Aim to arrive at your campsite while it is still light so they can get to know the layout and feel comfortable. Try to plan drives for the time the kids are likely to sleep. This reduces the chances of them getting restless and playing up. Their favourite pyjamas and teddy bear will help them enjoy peaceful naps on the road.

Choose a family oriented campsite. They are typically equipped with well developed facilities and lots of other families with children that your children can play with and get to know throughout the holiday. Pack up your motorhome with their favourite snacks and drinks along with food for healthy cooking. Additionally, DVDs and other recreational items are a must for ensuring they are entertained. You can also pack your bicycles so they can get around the campsite. Furthermore, there are many cities in the UK and Europe that are well suited for bike travel.

Motorhome travel gives kids the chance to make new friends, develop a sense of independence and see a whole host of incredible sights in one holiday. It also offers families the chance to spend some quality time together and enjoy a unique travel experience. If you need a motorhome for your first family road trip you can use our easy online service to find the perfect motorhome for you.