Hiring a motorhome in California

Motorhomes (aka RVs or recreational vehicles) are much more common in the US than they are in Britain. Camping and spending time in the great outdoors is a bigger part of the culture there than it is in the UK, so there is far more choice if you are looking at this kind of holiday. The US is also much better equipped for vehicles of this size, both in terms of roads and campsites.

There are great motorhome spots all across America and many great things to explore. One September 4destination that is particularly popular is California, especially in summer because of the great weather and stunning beaches. The coastline in the state is amazing but there are as many great sights further inland to enjoy too including Lake Tahoe with its clear water and mountain backdrop. California has 20.8 million acres of National Forest land, Alaska is the only State with more.

When planning your trip you should look ahead to where you plan on dropping off the vehicle when you are done. Some companies will offer one way rentals, whereas others require that you bring the motorhome back to them when you are done. You should choose whichever option is best for you and make the rest of your plan around it.

The majority of motorhome hire providers in the US require visitors who are flying into the country to spend their first night in a hotel before taking away their vehicle. This is to protect them from jetlag and ensure they don’t drive away in a potentially unfit condition. You’ll need to plan ahead for this.

One thing to be aware of before you hire a motorhome is the fact that the vehicles do take some skill to drive because of their size. Some models can be 9 metres (or 30 feet) long so you need to be prepared. If you have no experience with large vehicles you should have a go in the UK before you head to the US.

If you need help arranging motorhome hire you can find a great service on this website. We make booking simple for visitors, allowing them to search for companies throughout the area they are visiting. We list great deals from a wide range of providers and strive to help everybody find the perfect vehicle for their needs. Travellers to California can arrange to collect vehicles in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and several other locations.