How long should my motorhome holiday be?

One of the most common questions asked by those new to campervan and motorhome holidays is exactly how long is the ideal length of time to book for this kind of holiday. It’s easy to understand why this is the case.

In recent times we’ve all become accustomed to thinking of times in terms of package deals, with the most common offers being for 7, 10 or 14 day holidays. With motorhome hire there is no such set times, making it perfectly reasonable to understand why many would be unsure about how long to give themselves to enjoy the trip.

In terms of the shortest amount of time one could use motorhome hire services for, generally speaking the majority of companies we represent have a requirement in place for a minimum of 7 days. All of them are, however, there to be of service to you, and it is possible to negotiate a slightly shorter period with them. In our experience, however, a week is the very least amount of time you should consider.

An interesting quirk of road holidays is that the longer you take one for the more cost effective it becomes. This is particularly true when you compare the cost of hiring a motorhome to that of staying in a hotel or holiday resort. The cost of accommodation works out as lower the longer you make use of a vehicle, no matter what your choice of destination is.

Using motorhome hire for a longer period also enables you to explore your holiday destination a great deal more. Whilst some are happy to drive their vehicle to one location and remain there, there are others who wish to discover and explore. Hiring for a few days more than a normal package holiday length lets you have the freedom to go right ahead and do this.

One thing we always urge is that you choose as much time as you need to explore the destination. It is good to be optimistic and expect to be spoilt for choice in terms of places to visit and stay.