Iceland’s unmissable destinations

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Iceland is one destination that is filled to the brink with breathtaking sites to visit for anyone with a motorhome. It’s definitely like no other country that Europe has to offer, providing its own unique experiences that are certain to catch the attention of every adventurer. While there are many destinations to pick from, some just cannot be missed.

Standing as Iceland’s capital and home to half of its residents, Reykjavik merges up to date modern structures with old fashioned wooden buildings. Being a fun capital with a known reputation for hard partying, this is the place to be if you’re after a bit of excitement. It isn’t all play here however, as there are some outstanding surroundings for you to observe as you take in the Icelandic atmosphere.

If you are a film fan and enjoy visiting those sites used in action flicks, then Jokulsarlon is where you should be headed. Used for Pierce Brosnan’s final big screen Bond outing in Die Another Day, the glacial lagoon is also a brilliant photography spot for those keen on that too. It is the home of giant floating icebergs that can only been seen in specific places.

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