Journeying across Canada’s vast roads

When thinking of how to spend your time off, your first thought might be to jet off to enjoy a break on a beach or a city break. If you are one that’s fond of travelling on the long roads however, a motorhome holiday might be just up your alley. To assist those avid travellers our company offers a great booking service, with which you can arrange motorhome hire and pick the vehicle up from one of many different places across the world.

Canada is a country full of roads that are perfect for motorhome. There is all kinds of stunning scenery to take in and many of the routes have an incredible backdrop to enjoy as you drive from one attraction to another.

The Coast Cariboo Circle route stands at a massive 1,311.63 miles and is a road trip that’s certain to keep you entertained, all the while experiencing everything that Vancouver Island BC has to offer. This unmissable adventure will take you from Vancouver through the small Island Villages, hiking on volcanic areas, exploring what’s left of the Gold Rush Trail, and indulging in some of the best beaches while you’re at it.

Another prime Canadian road trip is that of the Saskatchewan Discovery Loop, which is roughly 1,031 miles in length. While the flatlands are overlooked as a typical, boring destination, all you need to do is spend a few hours here to see why this isn’t the case. With quaint cafés, rural Saskatchewan towns, scenic panoramas of valleys and the chance to discover the true beauty of Western Canada, this is one route you’ll want to take.

At Motorhome Hire, Canada is just one of the many places you can choose to visit when you book a vehicle via our website. All you need to do is select where you’d like to collect it and drop it off, and on what dates, and then you will be all set to go. If we can help you with anything, please do get in touch.