Keep The Costs Down With A Croatian Holiday

One of the most important considerations for holidaymakers in this day and age is making sure that they will get value for money at their chosen destination. Whilst this of course doesn’t mean that people are going to go somewhere they won’t enjoy simply because it’s cheap, it is the case that how affordable a place will be does add to the appeal. In terms of this, the low cost of living is a factor which has added to the great natural appeal of Croatia for holidaymakers.

The last quarter of a century has seen quite a remarkable transformation in how the world sees Croatia. In just 25 years it has gone from an unpopular destination to being one of the most peaceful, pleasant, relaxing and welcoming places you can take a holiday. Whilst the beaches and the natural beauty of the coastline prove a great attraction in their own right, the many dance and music festivals held between June and September sees more people head there.

Lower costs in Croatia serve to make the country all the more affordable. For UK holidaymakers currently concerned about exchange rates around the world there is the welcome news that the Pound Sterling and Croatian Kuna has remained stable. It has also stayed at a level which is very attractive for British visitors to the country. To give some examples of what things cost there, a standard McDonald’s meal would cost you just over £3, whilst a pint of draught beer would set you back around £1.20.

Using our motorhome hire services makes your Croatian holiday an even more affordable experience. With drop off and collection points at several cities and airports around the country we offer convenient access, as well as enabling you to travel to different places without running up hotel bills. With Croatia committed to encouraging visitors to explore the country, you’ll also find many places to park up.

If you’re looking for a combination of natural beauty, a vibrant society and an affordable stay in a holiday destination, then we have every confidence that you’ll find it in Croatia. Making use of our motorhome hire services will see you enjoy and benefit from these factors all the more.