Lowering the cost of a holiday in Norway

With its exciting cosmopolitan cities, sparkling fjords and stunning mountainous landscapes, Norway is a country which inspires a large number of people to visit each and every year. However, it can unfortunately be the case that a traditional form of holiday in this country can be prohibitively expensive. On the other hand, a motorhome or camper van tour of Norway can make the trip more affordable and, in many instances, even more enjoyable.

Norway is often identified as being one of the best countries in the world to live in, but this high standard of living can come with high prices. While this isn’t a problem for those living and working in Norway, it can be quite a barrier to those wishing to visit this magnificent country. Accommodation, transport, food and entertainment can be exceptionally expensive and because Norway is as appealing in winter as it is in summer, there is no real “off-season” during which these costs fall.January 7 image

Using motorhome hire as a means of travel and accommodation transforms Norway from a dream to an affordable option. The country has an outstanding road system and many safe and scenic campsites where you can easily park your vehicle and relax. Whether you prefer to visit Grimstad in the south or head to the capital, Oslo, in the north, the motorhome hire services we represent operate in both areas of Norway.

In this day and age everyone is far more cost conscious in all aspects of life, and our holidays are no exception. While a traditional holiday with car hire and hotel room booking can put Norway out of reach for many people, motorhome hire can help you to make your Scandinavian dreams into a reality.