Make some thunder on the waves down under

Motorhomes are an incredibly popular holiday choice and every day, more people are discovering just what it is that makes them so appealing. In order to aid people in organising their very own getaway, we set up our business to makes it easy for people to book a motorhome hire and pick up a vehicle from various countries across the earth. Just choose where and when and you’ll be on your way in no time.

For many peoople beaches are some of the best holiday hotspots, quite literally in many cases. Australia in particular is a prime example because it has such a great beach culture. The country is home to some of the most visually pleasing beaches of all, with an extensive coastline that stretches for roughly 37,000km. Along this stretch are 11,011 beaches, more than any other nation, meaning that you’re truly spoilt for choice when you visit.

The Bay of Fires, which despite its name isn’t actually in flames, is a 29km coastline that extends from Binalong Bay to Eddystone Point. Home to lush forest, clean white sand, dramatic red rocks and azure blue water, all of these factors combine to make the bay a top Tasmanian attraction. It’s an excellent choice for motorhomes because there’s an astounding selection of scenic camping sites along an excellently maintained dirt road.

If you’re planning to get some surfing in, Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast is the place to be. For years, this beach has been the preferred surfing area for many a tanned surfer, with some legends starting out on these equally legendary waves. Found just above the state line in the southernmost town of Queensland, both challenging barrels and smaller waves exist here for the experienced and those who are a tad green.

At Motorhome Hire, all you need to do is use our website’s booking system to begin your journey down under. We can help you to find the perfect vehicle, ensuring it has enough space for you and your travelling companions as well as all of your luggage. You can even choose motorhomes that can house your surfboards if you are taking them with you.