Make your Eurovision dreams come true

One of the most eagerly anticipated events on the calendar each year is the Eurovision Song Contest, whether it’s to enjoy the spectacle or appreciate the music. Many gather with family and friends to hold special parties for the big event. More often than not, someone at the party will mention how great it must be to actually go to the event itself. With our motorhome hire services, it’s entirely possible to do this in an affordable way.

It is standard for the winner of Eurovision to host the next year’s contest, and 2016 is no exception. As Sweden’s Mans Zelmerlow was victorious in 2015, this year’s event is to be staged at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm. Considering the strong level of association Sweden has with the event, many are expecting the 2016 edition of the contest to be one of the greatest ever. Tickets for the semi-finals and final itself start from a low cost of below £10, so many UK fans who have enjoyed watching the show on TV over the years will be making plans to get there this year.

While the tickets for the event itself can be affordable, the same cannot always be said for travel and accommodation. On top of the performers and audience, virtually every European country sends a full broadcast crew to cover the event. Public transport gets very congested and hotels are usually fully booked up. Motorhome hire eliminates these difficulties and makes the trip all the more affordable and enjoyable.

We represent motorhome hire services based in Stockholm and to the south of the country in Helsingborg. Whether you want to go directly to Stockholm where the event is being hosted, or wish to take a scenic drive to get there, our motorhome hire provides an enjoyable, comfortable and affordable means of doing it. The majority of our motorhomes designed for a family of four are available for between £500 and £700 over the week that the Eurovision will be held, with further discounts and benefits available for those that book well in advance. If you’ve always dreamed of one day attending a Eurovision Song Contest event, 2016 is the ideal year to make it happen.