Motorhomes are more popular than ever

The caravan sector in the UK has had a fantastic year with vehicle sales and park holidays reaching new heights. The total industry is now worth in excess of £6 billion, including values for manufacturing, distribution and park operations.

The most impressive figure is that the registration of new motorhomes was up by 25% in the year to August. This shows just how much demand there is in the market. You can also point to it as the reason why manufacturers have reported a 17% increase in production. Naturally higher registrations mean increased sales and more demand.

The growth in the caravan sector reflects consumer behaviour and shows that more people are looking to enjoy holidaying in the UK. It is interesting to note that both older and younger generations are registering vehicles. Caravans and motorhomes remain popular with retirees, but they are equally favoured by young families because they offer more freedom and convenience.

Caravans and motorhomes are increasing in popularity due to developments in technology. The vehicles are now far more sophisticated than ever before, providing more comfortable interiors and essential creature comforts that buyers are looking for. Modern models also tend to be lighter and more durable because of developments in materials. This makes them easier to tow or drive in a number of cases.

Modern conveniences such as air conditioning and heating have also had a big impact on the sector. These systems allow vehicles to be used for more of the year because people will have control over the temperature. Traditionally there was only a narrow window when the weather was nice enough. Now there is more freedom and owners can get better returns on their investment.

The rise in sales and registrations has also seen an increase in the number of people opting for motorhome hire. Hiring is a good way to get a feel for the kind of vehicle you want and the benefits it will offer. It also lets people gain experience before jumping in and investing in their own caravan or motorhome.