Pay a visit to the National Motorhome Show

For many people, motorhomes aren’t just a vehicle but a way of life. When the time comes for them to go on holiday, their faithful motorhome will be right there with them, allowing them to explore every inch of a country without having to worry about comforts. Motorhome owners are always on the look-out for an upgrade, and the many shows that take place across the country are a great place for manufacturers to showcase their new models. One of the largest gatherings takes place in Peterborough at the National Motorhome Show.

Taking place from Friday 17th April to Sunday 19th April, this is a spectacular show highlighting the latest news and developments in the world of motorhomes. It also provides a large get-together for motorhome owners and offers plenty of entertainment as well. Taking place at the East of England Showground, it is the UK’s largest outdoor motorhome show and arrives just in time for the beginning of the motorhome season.

Companies such as Adria, Cleveland Motorhomes, Go European Motorhomes and Caravans, Lowdhams and Moto-Trek will be exhibiting at the event, covering all sizes and style of vehicle. The show hosts a number of international guests from the UK, Europe and America, and displays both new and pre-owned vehicles for those looking to snap up a bargain. New models will be showcased and pre-owned models from manufacturers will also be displayed. Other 300 specialist traders will be at the show in both the indoor and the outdoor exhibition areas. Manufacturers will also be advertising a range of accessories, services and much more for you to enjoy. The show will also host Campervan Corner, where motorhome converters will be gathering.

Seminars will also be performed, covering topics such as satellite television changes and insurance, while a huge array of entertainment is also available. Bands such as The Rubettes, Clear Cut and Vanity Fair will be playing, with additional entertainment from legendary comedian Jim Davidson. The tickets are cheap and discounts are available for subscribers to MMM and Caravan Magazine. To celebrate the 25 anniversary of the event, they will be offering 25 magnificent prizes for visitors. These include vouchers, motorhome accessories, magazine subscriptions and more. If you are looking to keep your finger on the pulse of all things related to motorhomes, then this show simply cannot be missed.