Plan the perfect motorhome roadtrip

The flexibility that comes with motorhome hire or owning your own vehicle means that you can pretty much go anywhere your heart desires! You minimise your carbon footprint, and save a ton of money avoiding the expense of plane travel, all whilst taking as many of your belongings as you want! One of the best and accessible continents for travelling through is Europe; with many different countries and cultures to choose from, who’d turn down that opportunity?

Imagine starting your journey camping in the Lakes District, beginning to work your way down the UK towards the Eurostar in Devon departing for France. The ease of being able to do this, in the comfort of your own motorhome is just bliss! Now its decision time… Where can you stay in France that’s worth visiting? How about maybe driving down to stay at L’Anse du Brick, in Normandy? Situated along the southern coast of France, next to the Mediterranean, this means sun, sand, and sea. What more could you want?

Now if that doesn’t sound satisfactory enough, don’t worry; there are still many places to visit along the coast. But, regardless of that, you will eventually want to travel on and discover something new. This is convenient considering Switzerland and Italy are just next door!

The best plan of action for travelling to either of those beautiful countries is definitely driving through the Alps, underneath Mont Blanc in particular. You will be assured that you made the right decision, as you will experience the most breathtaking views (aside from the drive through the longest tunnel in Europe, it’s worth it though)! If you like, you can have a stop at some of the ski resorts located in and around the Alps as well. The possibilities are endless!

Even if undecided on if Italy or Switzerland is the better choice, you can stop off at many different camping areas near the borders in both countries. Furthermore there are still many different alternatives for your roadtrip; you could go back up through Austria, to Germany, circling back round the whole of Europe. Or make your way down to Bari in Italy and get on a ferry to Patras, Greece!

It’s always a good idea to keep your options open when you choose a motorhome holiday. Hopefully this has given you a nice of idea of what you can achieve. Plus it’s effortless to do too, particularly with the Motorhome Hire website. Once you book a vehicle you can set your sights on planning and enjoy your trip!