Planning a motorhome trip with your dog

One of the hardest parts of going on holiday is having to leave your faithful pet at home. If you can’t find a friend or family member to look after them it can get tricky unless there are local kennels for you to use. Even then, you’ll want to ensure they will offer the best care for your dog while you are away. An alternative option is to choose a trip where you can take your pet with you.

A motorhome trip could offer the perfect solution and give you the chance to explore the country or even further afield with your dog in tow. There are many pet friendly vehicles on the market and you’ll be able to stop as often as you need along the way to get fresh air and walk around. Northern Spain is a great destination to opt for with beautiful countryside and many great sights to enjoy along the way.

You can reach Europe via the Channel Tunnel if you want to drive the whole way or alternatively opt for one of several ferry routes. Brittany Ferries is a good option as they specialise in catering for holidaymakers taking dogs with them. There are facilities for dogs on board, including kennels, reserved decks and special bins. Pets are allowed in specific cabins too so you can have them with you the whole trip if you wish.

Before travelling you’ll need to ensure you have a pet passport or other certification. This is to show that they have been microchipped in case they get lost and vaccinated too. Vaccinations must occur 21 days prior to travel and dogs must be more than 12 weeks old when it is done. Each dog must have received tapeworm treatment between 24 and 120 hours before travel. The passport should contain information about this including the time and date of treatment and the type of product that was used. You can consult your vet for further details.

When you arrive in Europe (Brittany Ferries go to both Spain and France) you need to decide where you want to visit and where to overnight. There are many dog friendly campsites to choose from, but it is best to contact them in advance to check what facilities they have and make sure there is space.

Exploring the countryside in either Spain or France is a great way to spend a holiday. One of the best aspects of motorhome hire is that you don’t have to stick to any timetable and can instead explore the areas that take your fancy.

There are many companies in the UK offering motorhome hire so you can search around for a great deal and get the right vehicle. If you want to compare prices and see who offers the best value for money you can do so on our website simply by inputting your details. We make it easy for you to find the ideal motorhome hire service for your needs, so you can enjoy a getaway with the whole family including your furry friends.