Portugal Welcomes Camper Van Holidaymakers

Portugal has always been one of the most popular destinations for UK holidaymakers to visit. The low costs, the wonderful climate and the way in which the British are welcomed by the locals are factors which add up to a truly wonderful time. One of the ways in which the great holiday experience people have in Portugal can be made even better is if you take up the option of motorhome hire rather than a hotel.

The many hotels and holiday resorts which are available in Portugal – in particular in areas such as the Algarve – provide you with a highly enjoyable and relaxing break. At times, however, you can find yourself wishing to explore some more of the country, rather than just being limited to the places you can walk to from where you’ve booked. Hiring a motorhome instead of booking a hotel for your holiday allows you to do this. Taking this approach is a way of discovering that Portugal is even more welcoming to holidaymakers than you first thought.

Whilst there are many wonderful hotels and resorts on offer in Portugal, the country offers an even greater number of perfect places to park up a motorhome. An indication of just how welcome camper van holidaymakers are in the country is the fact that a significant number of Aires de Service (Motorhome stop offs) are completely free to use, with the premium charge ones not costing more than £10 per night. The fantastic reputation the country has for being a value for money destination is all the more true when you experience it through a motorhome holiday.

For many years we’ve known of the beauty and wonder of a camper van holiday in Portugal. It’s always a delight to us to introduce more people to the experience. In order to make that possible we represent a wide range of options for you to choose from. Our motorhome hire services are available for pick up and drop off in all of the most popular places in the country, including Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Sao Miguel.

Holidays in Portugal are known and loved for being a wonderful time. Taking in the country through a motorhome hire holiday serves to make the experience all the more amazing.