Reflect and relax on a solo trip

We’ve previously written about how motorhome hire is a great way to enjoy a social holiday and spend quality time with family and friends, but it can also be a brilliant option for those who want to enjoy some peace and solitude by travelling solo. The inherent independence and freedom of driving a motorhome is bound to appeal to people who enjoy travelling alone, so if you’re planning a trip this year, a motorhome could be your ideal choice.

March 1 imageOne of the main advantages of travelling alone is that you can truly do whatever you please, whenever you please, without any compromises. If you come across a beautiful landscape, an interesting roadside attraction or a restaurant you want to try, you can linger for as long as you like without having to worry that anyone will be bored. Conversely, if you head to a location only to find it’s not as interesting as you had hoped, you can move on straight away without feeling guilty. Your timetable will be completely your own.

Another benefit of solo trips is that you will actually be more open to meeting new people. When we’re in a group of established family or friends, we’re likely to stick with the group, but when you’re alone you are more likely to chat and make connections with the people you come across. When you’re staying at a campsite in your motorhome you’ll have plenty of opportunities to chat to the other people there, and you can be certain you’ll have plenty in common.

Solo trips are also a great confidence builder. As you’ll be completely responsible for every aspect of the trip, travelling alone can be more of a challenge, which means you’ll have a great sense of achievement when your adventure is a success. If you’ve never travelled by yourself before, you’ll be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, but having a brilliant time while you do so.

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