See more of Australia with motorhome hire

Australia is a fantastic destination for a holiday, whether it is just for a week or for much longer. It can be quite a costly country to visit but there are a number of things you can do to save money without missing out on the sights and experiences. One of the best options is to choose motorhome hire.

The biggest expense you will find when you get to Australia is accommodation. Hotels can be expensive, especially in the most popular parts of big cities. Having a motorhome is great because you can just stop off places and spend the night. You need to be careful though because wild camping is illegal in the country.

Free and low cost camping sites are available across much of the country. Searching and booking in advance is a good idea and can save you on costs when you arrive. If you do take the chance with wild camping you are best off choosing a location that is nicely hidden. Be prepared to wake up early to move on as well; this can help you to avoid problems.

Eating is another expense that can steadily build up during your time in Australia. Luckily with a motorhome you can stock up on supplies and make a lot of your own meals, supplementing them by eating out every now and again. If you are visiting big cities it is a good idea to look for the best food trucks; these offer amazing quality and value for money.

There are plenty of free attractions in Australia to enjoy, from beaches to hiking trails and National Parks. Plenty of museums have free entry and others ask for donations. In big cities there will be plenty of free events to take in too. Do some research online to find out which ones you need to pay for and where you can save.

If you do choose motorhome hire in Australia one thing you won’t be able to avoid is fuel costs. Make sure you plan the distances you want to cover in advance to get an idea of costs. Keep in mind you’ll likely find yourself stopping off at more places during your trip; there are plenty of awesome sights and attractions that won’t be on your maps. Keep some space in your budget for extra fuel top ups.