Should you hire a motorhome where you start or land?

Taking a motorhome holiday across one (or more) of the countries in mainland Europe is something that we British have always been passionate and enthusiastic about. It really does provide a quite remarkable – not to mention unique – way of experiencing a destination, being able to enjoy your holiday in your own way.

To get the greatest level of rest and relaxation from having a road holiday at your own pace relies on the arrangements you make for hiring the vehicle you will be using. In respect of this, there are many who offer an opinion on the best approach, but we’d always recommend that you choose motorhome hire in the country that you are visiting rather than taking one from the UK.

Many people assume that hiring a motorhome in the UK, going on holiday with it and the returning it at the end is the easiest way to do it. In our experience this is not true. The main issue with doing it this way is the cost. The extra miles you will add to your journey – not to mention the higher insurance due to both crossing borders and the English Channel – come at a price usually far higher than flights to and from your destination would be. It’s also highly likely that motorhome hire in a European country will work out cheaper for you due to a favourable exchange rate.

There’s also the fact that the motorhomes available for hire in European countries are designed for the different way you drive there. Whilst in the UK we drive on the left, across Europe it is standard to drive on the right. Taking a left side drive vehicle on to the roads of a right side driving nation can create some problems. Making use of a vehicle configured for the side of the road you’ll be driving on is far safer and makes more sense.

We know and understand the appeal of hiring a motorhome in the UK and taking it to your European destination of choice. If this is what you are considering, we would strongly suggest that you look at our price comparisons for motorhome hire in European countries. We represent providers in all of the most visited European nations, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Although our services are available to you no matter which option you choose, we genuinely believe you’d be better off hiring a motorhome in the country you are going to rather than the one you are coming from.