Spring is the time to visit America’s National Parks

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The majority of people wait until summer to take to the roads in their motorhomes. The weather during this period is fantastic and school is out for a lot of it. However, everyone else likely has the same idea, potentially spelling bad news for you if you wish to visit America’s national parks. Therefore, our suggestion would be to choose motorhome hire and visit in the spring.

In terms of which parks to visit, these are some of our top picks. The Grand Canyon’s North Rim might not open until the middle of May, but the South Rim still gets plenty of attention in spring. As one of the USA’s travelling hotspots, both literally and metaphorically, the area can get rather crowded in peak months. Crowds are smaller and the solitude is greater in spring.

The Great Smokey Mountains may be home to a large volume of wildlife during the spring, but people primarily come here for the flower blooms. Boasting over 1,600 unique species of plant life, the National Park is a must for any botanist. The available hikes and trails, not to mention the fact that spring is blooming season, make for an unmissable opportunity to see Mother Nature wake up.

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