Take A Journey Back To The Time Of The Dinosaurs

If there’s one aspect of our history that seems destined to forever fascinate us it’s surely dinosaurs. One could quite easily say that they occupy a unique place in our world. We say this on the basis of the fact that we seem to learn something new about these creatures with each passing year, despite the fact that it is many, many millions of years since one last lived on the planet.

The interest many of us have in dinosaurs sees us plan and take holidays to places where we can see exhibits and learn more. An increasingly popular destination for a holiday of this nature is Aathal Dinosaur Museum in Switzerland. This museum is located very close to Zurich and features some of the most celebrated and admired exhibits to be found in the world. The museum has been open to the public for just over two decades now, and each passing year seems to bring an ever higher number of visitors.

Whilst there are many people who would love to visit the Aathal Dinosaur Museum, a barrier for some has been the fact that it is based in Switzerland. The country has over the years, whether fairly or not, garnered a reputation for being a quite expensive holiday destination, in particular with respect to hotel fees. Our motorhome hire services remove concerns about the cost. We offer a wide range of options, with vehicles designed to sleep four costing from below £1,000 for a week. Both larger and smaller ones are also available to suit different sized groups.

We have two pick up and drop off locations in Zurich, with one being based at the airport. This makes our motorhome hire services quick and easy for you to access, as well as being relatively close to the Aathal Dinosaur Museum. Whether you choose to spend all of your time taking in the fascinating fossils or wish to explore more of Switzerland, you have the complete freedom to do this when you hire a vehicle that takes your accommodation with you.