Take a journey down under

At first, the idea of a motorhome holiday may not seem that appealing to you, but once you realise the potential that the trip can offer, you will come to see it in a different light. With the help of our website’s booking system, you too can discover the wonders of touring a country.

Planning for your holiday is incredibly important and deciding which country is the right one to visit can truly make the experience worth your time and money. Australia for example is known for a number of things, including the laid-back cities, beautiful landscapes and of course, the top-notch beaches.

Sydney, mistaken by many as the capital when it is in fact Canberra, stands as one of the finest iconic destinations in the country. It is a must see, especially since attractions here include the famous Opera House and the beautiful Harbour Bridge. Not to mention, the city is home to Taronga Zoo and festivals take place here throughout the year for those after some of the local culture.

Located south of the Queensland border, Byron Bay is a fantastic spot for tourists as well as locals. The lighthouse is the perfect place to catch the sunset and the myriad of music festivals that take place here attract diverse talents from across the globe.

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria isn’t just named that by chance; it’s arguably one of the finest scenic drives of all, perfect for every motorhome enthusiast. Hugging the coast line, the road has panoramic views of the cliffs and oceans, and it winds its way through cool climates of the rain forests.

At MotorHome Hire we believe that everyone can get the most out of their holiday time by travelling in motorhomes. To help plan for your getaway, we have a dedicated Help & Advice web page which provides tips on how to enjoy your experience to the fullest. If you are interested in our services and would like to find out more, feel free to contact us.