Take a trip to Eastern Europe and the Czech Republic

Taking a motorhome from the UK to Europe is quite an easy task as Britain is part of the EU. As a result, trips around Europe are very popular for those who own motorhomes, although those who don’t can benefit from motorhome hire, which you can do through our easy search facility. If you are looking for somewhere to visit with your motorhome, then we recommend the Czech Republic.

Located in Eastern Europe, this formerly communist country boasts an advanced economy, high standards of living and many areas of natural beauty. The Czech Republic was once part of Czechoslovakia, and was known as the Kingdom of Bohemia several centuries back. It enjoyed military dominance and managed to fight off several invaders, including several Crusades from the Roman Catholic Church. It was formed into Czechoslovakia in the 20th Century, but this was dissolved in 1993 after various trials and tribulations, leaving behind Slovakia and the Czech Republic, a country rich in history, culture and indomitable spirit.

The rich, storied history of the Czech Republic is visible throughout the country. The jewel in the crown of the Czech Republic is undoubtedly Prague, its capital. This sprawling city pulsates with life and history. The amazing gothic St. Vitus Cathedral houses various religious relics and beautiful decor. Prague Castle was home to various Holy Roman emperors, Bohemian kings and the Habsburg dynasty, and features stunning architecture. There is also the famous Charles Bridge, spanning the River Vltava, that hosts many extraordinary statues and some of the most breathtaking views of the city. There is also the Jewish Quarter, home of many synagogues and the impressive Old Jewish Cemetery. One of Prague’s most unique sights is the Astronomical Clock, over six centuries old, which attracts crowds every hour when it displays an array of mechanical figures and sounds a horn.

Of course, there are sights and destinations elsewhere in the Czech Republic to enjoy. Karlovy Vary hosts a staggering array of hot springs which have attracted Europe’s elite for many centuries. It is also home to the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, a unique Baroque church with a variety of stunning Eucharist sculptures. The town plays host to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, though if you are planning to attend this you should be aware that the town becomes packed quite quickly.

Kutna Hora is a historic town filled with wonderful structures, to the point where most of the town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the Baroque stylings of St. Barbara’s Cathedral being the crowning glory. The Adrspach-Teplice Rocks, located in Eastern Bohemia, are a set of fantastic rock formations, trails and natural bridges. It is well worth taking the time to walk around this area and take in some of the most astounding sights in Europe. There are also the regions of Krivoklatsko and Rakovnicko, home to dense forests and castles that loom over the landscape, including the magnificent Gothic Krivoklatsko Castle.

If you’re looking to tour a European country for your holiday, make it the Czech Republic. There are many destinations to visit, many sights to witness and this is certainly a country which will surprise you at every turn. Motorhome hire will allow you to experience the sights in comfort.